28 Rue Bonaparte

O zhang Opening
O zhang Opening

Taking this idea of the stage as inspiration for Atget, BES presents a year-long, monthly series of photographic portraits based around concepts of beauty. Before devoting his life to compose an extensive photographic archive of his beloved Paris, Atget was an actor, and thus the brick wall at BES becomes the stage setting for a new ‘play’ every month, which takes the form of a photograph that deals with notions of beauty.

While portraiture has long been considered a means for idealizing subjects, we invite and challenge visitors to reconfigure the notion of beauty through unexpected takes on portraiture. The question of the true essence of representation in portrait photography will be conveyed through the concept of beauty.

What is real beauty? How can beauty be truthfully represented?

Monika Sziladi
Richard Mosse
Takako Oishi
Sarah Baker